Tips for Prospective Laser Hair Removal Clients

Permanent hair removal in Houston is becoming one of the most profitable industries in the cosmetology field today. Men and women alike are purchasing laser hair removal treatment packages to permanently remove unwanted hair. Because of the expense of these treatments, individuals that are beginning their hair removal journey should be aware of certain measures they can take to maximize their results. 

The “perfect” candidate for laser hair removal is an individual with light skin and dark hair. When the skin is light, the laser technician is able to use more powerful settings due to the lower risk of burns in lighter skin types. The type of laser used for hair removal works by targeting areas of pigment, which is what makes it so effective for individuals with dark hair. The most difficult clients to effectively treat are redheads, those with blonde body hair, and darker skin types. This doesn’t mean that laser hair removal will be ineffective in those with darker skin and lighter hair; however, it may take longer to get the desired results. All laser hair removal clients should refrain from tweezing and waxing 6 weeks prior to any appointment. It is often suggested that clients choose other methods of hair removal such as shaving until the package is completed. This will ensure that the hair bulb remains intact for the laser to “zap.” Laser hair removal should not be extremely painful; however, it is generally uncomfortable and many clients describe the feeling as a “rubber-band snap.” If a prospective client is concerned about the amount of pain they will feel during the treatment, it is appropriate for them to as for a “test spot” before signing the final paperwork. The client should inform the clinic manager or physician of any antibiotics or medications they are on prior to purchasing laser hair removal treatments. Many medications and antibiotics are contraindications of laser hair removal. 

If the person has decided to purchase a treatment package, there are certain things they will need to do before each appointment. What many people aren’t aware of is the importance of getting a close shave right before getting a laser hair removal treatment. There should be no hair growth on the surface of the skin, as this increases the chance of burns and decreases the effectiveness of the treatment. Clients should be wary of taking any over-the-counter medications such as aspirin 24 hours before the treatment, as this can also increase the likelihood of burns. If both the client and the laser technician are taking the appropriate safety measures, laser hair removal is an extremely safe and effective form of permanent hair removal in Houston

How to Make Lipstick Last

When it’s a big day or work or an occasion like a wedding, you want to look your best without constantly primping. It’s a pain to look at yourself in the mirror and touch up every few hours when you could be doing other important things. One makeup application that is usually the first to go is your lipstick or lip gloss. This may be due to eating, drinking, talking, or even kissing a lot if you’re the bride at a wedding. Yet instead of putting on one application after another, you can do one and call it good for the rest of the day. Follow these tips from PJ’s College of Cosmetology in Indianapolis for pulling this off.

Prepping the Lips

Healthy lips mean a longer lasting application. Lips that are smooth and non-flaky helps the lipstick do its job–stick to the lips. Start out by dampening your lips with a wet towel. Then add some lip scrub with your fingers for about a minute. Use a pea-sized amount. Once the dead skin cells are eliminated, your lips should be smoother. Use the washcloth to wash your lips once  more. To further prepare your skin, put on some lip balm. Give it a minute to sooth your lips. Then take it off with a tissue. 


Now you’re ready to put actual makeup on your lips. Start with foundation. This may seem silly since foundation by itself would make your lips look flesh-colored and unhealthy. However, foundation acts as a primer in a sense. It fills in the cracks and makes your lips less bumpy. To apply the foundation, dab it on with a makeup sponge when the lips are closed. Then let the foundation dry and blot it with a tissue. To add a color base to those lips and help the lipstick stay on, add on some liner. Don’t just go around the edges of your mouth. Fill them in with liner as well before blotting the lips with a tissue. Note that your liner should match the color of your lipstick.

Next, pick out a desired shade of lipstick. Keep in mind that darker and brighter colors have more staying power, so choose these over lighter lip products. Some women like to stick with just cheap lipstick, but you may be better off with the pricier, higher-quality tubes that promise long wear. Warning: Some of these products can dry out your lips. As you put on the makeup, refrain from using a brush or your fingers. Go directly from the tube so you’ll end up with a bolder color. If you use your fingers, the natural oils could break down the lipstick. Rub in the lip makeup and then press your lips down on a piece of tissue. Sometimes makeup likes to get in the inside corners of your mouth and even on your teeth. Pull in your lips and then insert your finger in there and yank it out. You’ll catch any stray makeup hanging out there. Wipe off any excess lipstick on the edges with a Kleenex or a cotton swab. Once you’re satisfied with how your lips look, sprinkle face powder over your mouth. A light application will keep your makeup intact and last for the rest of the day. To help the makeup last longer, try to avoid too much eating, drinking, or kissing. For more ideas, visit PJ’s College of Cosmetology in Indianapolis.